„Goals and ways designed for you”

MS Mester Publishing and Advertising Agency provides complex marketing services to international and domestic clients. During our history of 25 years, we have grown from a graphics studio into a full-service agency covering all aspects of marketing communications.

Our expert community combines applied art and the latest marketing trends to create concepts defined together with our clients. Our long years of print management experience give us a competitive edge not only in terms of quality. We are a flexible partner in delivering integrated marketing tasks and individual projects. MS Mester has established a friendly community of trusted creative experts over the years. Our dedicated creative partners strive for excellence and completeness in the same way as we do. As a result, we provide our clients with excellent creative quality, speed and attention to detail.

Our creative professional community

The team of creative professionals behind MS Mester’s dynamism, strive for excellence and creative quality is managed by three key figures. We all trust each other, each other’s expertise and creativity. We always know how much we can take on and what we are able to offer to our customers.

Establishing MS Mester in 1996, Beáta Mayer wanted to create an agency where a close and friendly expert community addresses versatile client needs at the highest professional quality. This vision is implemented by MS Mester that can offer efficient solutions to its clients from the tiniest task to the most complex strategy development assignments, while saving them the trouble of keeping in touch with a sluggish and hierarchical organization.

After long years of design activities, Beáta mostly coordinates running projects within the organization. At the same time, she manages the creative community essential for flexibly and efficiently responding to the needs of existing and prospective customers.

László Csongrádioversees the printing projects of our Hungarian and international clients and he is one of the engines behind our professional community. Having managed his own printing company for 25 years, he has the professional experience and the network to provide unique solutions and guaranteed quality to all customers. We work together on our creative concepts from inception to full maturity. He is present in all phases of the process and helps us make the most of our ideas in print production. He is also Editor of our publication Flottamagazin.

Dalma Dóra Dékány is MS Mester’s Senior Graphic Artist and Designer. Dalma was selected as Coca-Cola Student Brand Manager after a thorough and multifaceted selection process during her university years. This was where she first gained insight into world-class marketing and advertising. Following her parents’ steps, she trained herself in applied arts and graphics. She has won a nationwide mobile app tender and deepened her creativity and acquired state-of-the art skills at several Budapest agencies. Her dynamism and talent have soon made her our customers’ favourite staff member.

Other team members include: