We started publishing our car fleet magazine upon the request of a market leading customer in 2003. Since the very beginning, we have overseen the total process of publishing from content development to printing. Later we decided to further develop and publish the magazine ourselves.

Flottamagazin is now an online magazine of high graphic quality with a viewership of 15,000. It provides popular and extensive content to its readers, particularly automotive professionals. Our magazine’s content is now updated on a monthly basis. Updates are always promoted with a newsletter campaign. Our address lists include more than 4,200 middle and senior managers from the automotive industry and tens of thousands of other recipients. PR content published on the site is promoted through a campaign targeting more than 500,000 people including corporate decision-makers responsible for car fleets.

Leveraging our marketing experience in fleet management, we are currently working to further enhance the magazine. In the future, content will be updated on a weekly basis and new columns will be added to the magazine.